William Huyler Highlights the Top Online Financial Publications For 2021

William Huyler
3 min readJan 20, 2021


Financial trends shift at a fast and breathtaking pace. Some pop up then fade away quickly, while others last long enough to double some prudent investor’s assets. This is why successful millionaires make it a habit to start their day by reading financial blogs or keeping up with one of the many outstanding online publications.

William Huyler is a personal financial advisor based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He provides sound financial advice to numerous clients throughout Pennsylvania. For years, Huyler has offered top quality services as a financial advisor in West Chester, PA. He has an extensive background in assessing market trends and helping his clients create a financial plan that makes the most sense for their financial situation and future goals. Huyler shares the top online financial publications for 2021.

Advisor Perspectives

The main distinguishing feature of Advisor Perspectives that makes it stand out is that its targeted audiences are registered investment advisors (RIAs), financial advisors, and wealth managers. William Huyler values this publication since, besides its insightful newsletter, it also offers market commentaries. The publication is like a forum through which various contributors share their knowledge, experience, and views on the economy. The articles often provide in-depth analysis and actionable information that help every successful financial advisor stay on top of their game.


The first issue of Forbes magazine came out in 1917. But, this old publication is still as fresh and relevant to the financial investor community as ever. Whether you are a financial advisor or more interested in personal finance, this business magazine has something for everyone. The scope of its content covers market news as well as the latest trends in marketing, finance, investment, and economics. Besides its famous rankings of the world’s wealthiest people, the magazine dedicates a section to female entrepreneurs who share their opinions and success stories. You can also subscribe to its email newsletter to get the latest news and updates in the world of finance and investment.

FP Pad

According to William Huyler, one of the main qualifications of a successful financial advisor is to have a good grasp of relevant financial planning technologies. “Being tech-savvy,” he explains, “is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in this day and age. This is why I recommend FP Pad for its coverage of such current topics as lead generations.” The blog also features video content, along with text-based blogs. Some of the latest posts shed light on the best ways to improve virtual meetings and live stream video broadcasts.


Even though it has started as a print publication, Money is now an exclusively digital magazine that focuses on investments, personal finance, taxes, and retirement among others. Recently, the publication has expanded its coverage to include articles about career, college finance, home improvement, credit, and lifestyle.

But for the savvy investor, the magazine offers a wide range of topics and case studies related to loans, insurance rates, and retirement plans. Overall, it’s a solid financial companion not just to investors, but to the average person throughout the different stages of their life.

Nerd’s Eye View

While it focuses on the latest financial trends, Nerd’s Eye View is a blog that also strives to educate financial advisors about every aspect of the industry. It started back in 2008 but, as William Huyler points out, it quickly established itself as one of the leading blogs that give advisors practical tips about how to grow their business, improve the services they provide, and retain clients. The content is indispensable reading material for every advisor who strives to be at the top.



William Huyler

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